Our Competencies

Technical Know/How

In-depth knowledge acquired over 12 years of experience in the Power Generation, Utilities, Oil & Gas Sectors

Extensive Suppliers Network

One-stop source for equipment and spares thanks to our self-operated firms globally and one to one interactions with Manufacturers and Established Business Relationships

Responsible& Ethical Customer Relations

Prioritize Truthful information conveyance and Correct procurement advice over commercial gains

We Listen to Customers

Correct Mapping and Adaptive to Customer’s Priorities and Needs

Your partner of choice for Technical Equipment & Spares in the energy sector

Luqmani General Trading LLC is a Young and Responsive Company with Main branch in UAE and focuses on the trade of Equipment and Spare parts used in Power Generation, Utilities, Oil & Gas Sectors, Repair and Maintenance of Waste Water & Water Treatment Plants in Cooperation with Proven and Renowned Manufacturers and their Sales and Service Agencies.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Components

Water Treatment and Filtration

Instrumentation & Automation


About Us

We help customers in the world’s most essential industries solve the biggest challenges of modern life. Every day, our global workforce fulfills our unified Purpose: We drive innovation that makes the world healthier, safer, smarter and more sustainable.

Technology is our passion and a challenge for us, regardless of whether we are dealing with large or small industrial machines. Our response will always be the perfect powertrain.

The Best in Technology

In the past, it didn’t make sense to invest in monitoring relatively low-cost pneumatic parts — the expense and associated production downtime for replacement were simply accepted as normal business. But now, information has changed the game.

A single, faulty individual actuator may contribute to a larger problem impacting the efficiency of an entire system.